Latex2e style file

LaTeX2e Style File for AST contributors

LaTeX resources to prepare manuscript for Acoustical Science and Technology

You may download a set of files that will help you to prepare your manuscript for Acoustical Science and Technology. The archive contains a class file for LaTeX with several other stuff required to compile your latex source as well as some samples. Although we are providing these, we are not accepting any electronic type of submission at the Acoustical Society of Japan. Please produce paper-based hardcopies of your manuscript, and follow the traditional way of submission. But, by preparing your manuscript in TeX, you will be able to estimate the size of your paper with ease, and you may also enjoy some reduction of publication charge.

The files are archived and compressed in “zip” format. After you download and unzip it, please refer to “readme_first_E.pdf” and ” readme.pdf” as to how to use those files. (And please accept our apologies for that we have not provided an English version of readme.pdf yet.)


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