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Application for Membership

     The Acoustical Society of Japan is an interdisciplinary society; the “sound” that our society treats as a research subject has various points of contact with our lives. “Spoken language” is the most fundamental means of communication for human beings, while “music” is a cultural focal point regardless of era and region, and is deeply related to “architectural technology,” i.e. hall design. Early telecommunications and “acoustic equipment” technology was developed exclusively with the goal of remote transmission of voice. Currently, this technology is being developed rapidly, with applications such as image fusion and creating a huge media space on the Internet. Through “ultrasound”, technology to nondestructively measure structures and biological substances has become indispensable for safety and health. At the Acoustical Society of Japan, we are conducting research on the evaluation of “environmental noise”.
     These are just examples of research fields dealt with by the Acoustical Society of Japan. If you join the Acoustical Society, you can participate in activities such as meetings and publications on these various fields. We encourage students, engineers and researchers who are interested in sounds to join the Acoustical Society of Japan by all means.

Membership types

Individual members

Regular members
Researchers and engineers related to acoustics (Annual fee 11,000 yen) * In the case of late term admission only 5,500 yen for the first year
Student members
Students those who received an endorsement by a regular member at their current institution (Annual fee 5,500 yen) * In the case of late term admission only for the first year 2,750 yen
Life members
Those who are regular members for over 40 years, over 70 years of age, and who are approved by the Board of Directors (Exemption from dues)
Honorary Fellow
Those with outstanding achievement in acoustics, recommended by a resolution of the General Assembly (Exemption from dues)

Corporate members

Sustaining Members
Companies, corporate (individual) that supports the Society and the society’s activities (Annual fee budget 30,000 yen)
Special members
Members who wish to distribute our journals at public offices, universities, libraries, etc. (Annual membership fee 19,800 yen)

Application for regular members / student members can be made through the web.

Application form

Please contact the following secretariat for inquiries on application for membership

Secretariat of Acoustical Society of Japan
2nd floor, Nakaura 5th Building, 2-18-20 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan
Tel: 03-5256-1020 (switchboard) / Fax: 03-5256-1022
e-mail: asj-apply (at)

Update member info

Please contact the secretariat (see above) for updating member information (mailing address, membership types, extension of student membership etc.).