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Research Field


  • Speech production
  • Speech perception
  • Speech analysis
  • Speech synthesis
  • Speech recognition and understanding
  • Spoken dialogue and speech interface
  • Speech translation
  • Speaker recognition
  • Spoken document processing
  • Speech coding and transmission
  • Speech processing for welfare

Psychological and Physiological Acoustics

  • Physiological and neurological mechanism of hearing
  • Psychology of hearing
  • Auditory model, Auditory processing
  • Measurement, evaluation and diagnosis of hearing
  • Hearing aids, Auditory prostheses
  • Engineering application and AI implementation of hearing
  • Perception of speech, music, and noise
  • Evaluation of audio equipment
  • Integration of auditory and other sensory systems

Noise and Vibration

  • Generation mechanism of noise and vibration
  • Theoretical analysis of transmission of noise and vibration
  • Prediction model of noise and vibration
  • Development of noise reduction methods and devices
  • Sound absorbing materials
  • Development of materials of vibration reduction and control
  • Physiological, psychological and social reaction on noise and vibration
  • Creation of comfortable sound environment

Architectural Acoustics

  • Room Acoustics: theory, analysis and subjective evaluation
  • Acoustic design of auditoriums and performance spaces
  • Sound environment planning of living spaces
  • Sound insulation measures for buildings
  • Reduction measures of floor impact sound and structure-borne sound
  • Materials and structures for sound insulation and absorption
  • Analysis, simulation, visualization and auralization of sound field
  • Measurement and evaluation of acoustic properties of spaces and materials


  • Transducers (microphones, loudspeakers, sensors and others)
  • Measurement and evaluation methods
  • Sound field recording, analysis, reproduction and control
  • Spatial audio and binaural technology
  • Acoustic signal processing (sound source separation, signal enhancement and others)
  • Detection and classification of acoustic events and sounds
  • Applied acoustic systems

Musical Acoustics

  • Sound generation mechanism of instruments
  • Psychological property of musical sounds
  • Structure of music and performance (such as nonverbal information and communication)
  • Computer music (algorithms, performance supporting systems)
  • Environmental aspect of sound and music (creation, improvement and recording)


  • Ultrasonic properties of materials, phonon physics, acousto-optics
  • Measurement techniques, imaging, nondestructive evaluation
  • Piezoelectric devices (bulk wave devices, surface wave devices)
  • Nonlinear acoustics, high power ultrasound, sonochemistry
  • Biomedical ultrasound
  • Ocean acoustics

Acoustic Imaging

  • Imaging by sound wave
  • Visualization and sonification of sound and vibration
  • Image processing
  • Design of sound field
  • Numerical simulation of sound fields
  • Medical ultrasonic imaging and analysis
  • Imaging of acoustical phenomena
  • Imaging of sound perception
  • Imaging as audio-visual sensing
  • Visualization method and device technology
  • New approach of perceptualization for acoustics