The Acoustical Society of Japan

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  2. Technical Committee

Technical Committee

The Acoustical Society of Japan organizes Technical Committees (TCs) to foster research activities in all fields of acoustics, promote the mutual exchange of research information among members and contribute to social development using the outcomes from research activities in acoustics.

The Technical Committees hold regular meetings. Please check the webpages of the committees. We welcome your contribution.

  • TC on Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics (US)
  • TC on Electroacoustics (EA)
  • TC on Speech (SP)
  • TC on Noise and Vibration (N)
  • TC on Architectural Acoustics (AA)
  • TC on Psychological and Physiological Acoustics (H)
  • TC on Musical Acoustics (MA)
  • TC on Acoustic Imaging (AI)

The ASJ organize a Committee on Education and provisional Research Committees (RCs) to support interdisciplinary research and sponsored research.

  • Committee on Education in Acoustics
  • RC on Road Traffic Noise
  • RC on Acoustic Barrier-Free
  • RC on Thermoacoustics Technology
  • RC on Sound Design
  • RC on the Advancement of Emergency Mass Notification Sound Systems
  • RC on Cartilage Conduction Hearing
  • RC on Bioacoustics
  • RC on Human Speech Communication
  • RC on High-Reality Audio
  • RC on Sports Acoustics